When Dark Patches Fall

by Ezer

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The album title derives itself from a verse in Walt Whitman’s celebrated poem “Song of Myself”; a poem which connects the artist and audience through a recollection of universally shared experiences. It is here that Ezer has attempted to capture a wide breadth of human experience: hope, joy, pain, loss, love, crush, fight, fear, and dizzying thought. All of this wrapped up into bite-sized romantic bits, introspective musings, and playful slights of song.

When Dark Patches Fall is the most ambitious release from Ezer to date, standing testament to the bands ability to mature and evolve as musicians and songwriters. Each song contains their trademark sound fusing melodic ambiance with infectious indie pop; never neglecting their flair for cutting lyrics which, at times, seem to offer just enough grit to which one can build a pearl around.

Ezer has managed to hone their style down without sacrificing originality. They have become a distinct sound that could only have been cultivated from the valley and they have quickly grown one of the strongest and most loyal followings in the scene.


released April 11, 2014

Engineered and Produced By Curtis Douglas (2,4,6) Cory Spotts (3,5) & Adam Crane (1). Mastered by Cory Spotts.



all rights reserved


Ezer Phoenix, Arizona

Emerging from the growing valley music scene; Ezer (eh-zer) finds a balance between melodic, acoustic driven ambiance and an intensity derived from today’s modern indie rock. Fueled by flowery, introspective lyrics, the music creates an excitingly imaginative, atmospheric pop genre. ... more

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Track Name: A Southern Hymnal
Hold on honey, don’t you fret
The way aint sunny, but we’ll make it there yet
Track Name: Devil Woman
Haunted by a holy ghost
She carries a noose for all them boys

Southern girl with a western drawl
She’s got em lined up against the wall

She’s born a preachers girl
And she knows how you’ll die
Treat her well treat her well boy
Where you go she don’t decide

Keep your gun tucked under your pillow
You’ll need if for the quick draw

She doesn’t need a weapon no
Devil woman will be your end
Track Name: Still Voice
No, don’t go, please don’t leave me don’t
No, don’t go, please don’t let me go

Another day with the same damn thoughts
Why can’t I just make this stop

Soaking in this cloak of dusk
Dark and alone, won’t you lift me up

When I was desperate and alone
You were here all along
When I was shattered and broken
It was your still voice that held me in

How I wished I was born a tree
So that sun and water were all I need

Cause I cannot eat no, I cannot sleep though
This bed has grown a part of me

Stay quiet
Be silent
Track Name: The Divine In You
Like God’s favorite hobby of turning
Clouds to origami, I am
Constructing visions of you lying
Parallel with me

And though he numbered
The hairs on your head
He left it up to me to count
The freckles on your cheek

The patterns of our hands align
And I do believe that
You and I were designed to be here
I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again
You’re not a saint but I’m not your sin
And I need you near

You are architecture from the heavens
A perfect work of living fiction
Crafted by the author who wrote
The planets into all existence

And like their satellites I’m caught
In a constant state of falling

Your eyes are like the aurora, they are
A swirling array of light and color
That captures me, you capture me
Track Name: Collapse
Collapse into me press your lips into mine
Until I taste each thought,
Every repulsive one I will fold into a paper crane
Release them from my lungs like

Sink into the salt the sea my ocean arms our crashing teeth
Drift far from the sun melt into my shade
Undress that silhouette which wears an
Aura of dampened clothing
These storms are beautiful once refuge has been found

I can’t believe my eyes
The day I met you was the day I died and gone
To heaven I know is real cause
You’re from there my dear angel
Disassemble your weathered pieces
And I will salvage each bit with color
Inhale and hold me there and I’ll be your oxygen flooding
Every vascular cavern with light
Until you tremble brilliantly

I will hold you in
Track Name: Words Whispered
Fragile is the word they chose
The day I left the hospital
Cause when I speak I speak
Until words lose meaning
And when I think I think
Until things start spinning

You who spoke life into being
Won’t you come speak in me too
Christ I heard you wept the day your loved one died
So won’t you cry for me and make me new

Who set fire to Hell
I know it was not the devil himself
It is fueled by the things
We place too much faith in
So come let us murder our saviors
(And see who rises again)

I’d roll back this gravestone
And take off these grave clothes
If this cross I was holding
Wasn’t so much to handle

So come Holy Father
Lift my soul up
These prayers that I whisper
Are the loudest I got